Last holiday

Last vacation I went to my grandma house in Lampung with my sister Amalia, Chika, mayuni (chece), my uncle, my auntie and brother fajar andusty (enduy) …
although our departure made during the month Ramadan, we are very happy ….
although the trip is very tiring because my car when arriving at seaports, my car stalled when gone into the ship, after my car into the ship,, it is very fun ..
although we left at midnight but we were very happy because it can saw vast sky and the stars twinkling ..
because too happy saw our stars so forget the time was already at 3 am we were very tired and we slept in the car …
when I was awakened from my sleep I have gotten to the sea port in Lampung Bakauheni,,, we trip to grandma’s house …
I’m so glad at grandma’s house and in the evening I went to buy clothes and I got new pants hihihi,, I’m glad to thank you for my uncle
the next night we went again with the same goal which is to buy clothes hihihi
The next day is lebaran although I’m sad because my mom can not come with me no problem because I am very happy …
because when I was exhausted lebaran, I will wake up at 8 am,,, it was not just me who slept late but Amel, Nduy, and Vanny brother, not yet awake, but we did not sleep together,,,because I slept in one bed with my sister and my brother slept on the floor hahaha,, after getting all of us down and we were at scold by my auntie and she said sleeping beauty,, hahaha

after we shower we’re invited to the beach mutun, I’m happy but I’m sad because we did not went because of traffic jams and the road was closed, but there are suggested if we went to green valley lampung, I’m back happy ….
day afternoon and time to change our home …
as usually before going to bed we played play station,,, after I finished my turn to go up to bed and get to sleep because it was time to sleep, but I feel my body a bit heat “fever”,,, I’m sick?
the next day I woke up and someone told me that last night I was delirious,,, itusangat embarrassing’_’..
then I told him that I was last night fever, so I’m delirious …
because I was sick I stay home and settle down in their bedroom while playing computer and over time I’m bored I go down and play together sesha …
sesha is my sister is smart because she can count, distinguish colors and sing even though she was aged 2 years 6 months she was able to something that is not necessarily the other children her age can do it…

The next day I came home and I think I will miss someone is sesha….

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chika moot


ade, chika n kak niang





amel, chika n kak niang









vanny n nduy



amel, kak niang n chika



bude gk keliatan tuh segala tidur2n sih…



kenapa difoto sih kan w blm siap





















Amel i’m so sorry because i’m not delete your bad pitcure…



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